Accurate Mobile Data for Retail Site Selection

See where customers are coming from to a location using real data to optimize your trade area, analyze business locations, create impact studies, and make enhanced retail site selections.

UberMedia Pulse

  • Mobile density data aggregated at census block group level by day-part
  • Empirical, recent and precise for highly accurate modeling and analysis
  • Measure disruptive events and seasonality
  • 500M Unique location points collected daily
  • 177M # of active mobile devices seen in the U.S.
  • 1,000 average number of points seen per device
  • Available on census block or tract level with standard FIPS numbering
  • Weekday and weekend breakouts by hour

Want to see UberMedia in action?

Check out our second series of “Does data have a seat at your table?” – the UberMedia edition. Get ready to see Pulse, UberMedia’s mobile density data, live in our real-time artificial intelligence platform, SiteZeus Synergy™. We’ll uncover why some of the savviest brands are paying attention to this data set.

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