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The Gold Standard in transportation movement patterns, INRIX aggregates population movement data across mobile, GPS, vehicle & DOT data sources to deliver the Nation’s only day of week & day parted volume profiles.

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As the global leader in transportation data, INRIX provides the most cutting edge, comprehensive & granular data available. With access to over 300MM mobile devices and cars you will never need to spend time on department of transportation websites or counting cars again. SiteZeus has created a seamless integration with the INRIX dataset into our location intelligence tool, allowing users to quickly access granular transportation data across the entire US in less time than it took you to read this sentence.

Included in Subscription

  • 1.7mm miles of road segments
  • Average Daily Volume by Direction
  • Automated Traffic Volume Report
  • Innovative Brand

Available as an add-on

  • Volume by Day of week
  • Volume by Hour of day
  • Volume by Day Parts
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National Coverage

Covers 1.7mm miles of road segments across the United States


Only day of week and day parted volume profile available.


Stop visiting DOT sites or counting cars, it’s 2018!


Automated Traffic report generator.

Which side of the road caters to my day part?

Whether you’re serving coffee or a quick lunch our INRIX volume profile allows you to quickly understand which side of the road is going to work or home.

How much traffic does this frontage road actually receive from the interstate?

Considering a highly visible interstate location, but not sure if the frontage road is actually capturing enough exit volume. INRIX volume allows you to understand how vehicles are exiting and using the frontage road for every hour of day.

How does the traffic volume vary by day of week at this location?

INRIX volume provides day of week and hour of day breakdown to give our users the ability to better understand peak travel times. Including week day and weekend break outs.


“The ROI is generated through the power of additional knowledge surrounding key data points that can be specific to each user’s needs, leading to more informed location-based decisions.”

– Kevin Foreman, General Manager of GeoAnalytics, INRIX


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INRIX Webinar

Are you looking for day of week and day-parted traffic data?

Look no further. Hannibal Baldwin, SiteZeus Co-Founder & Co-CEO, presents our third series of “Does data have a seat at your table.” He goes over the newest methods of leveraging INRIX’s cutting edge traffic counts, for over 300 million cell phones, by hour of day.