Restaurant Trends

Restaurant Sales Data

For 35 years Restaurant Trends has been the leading conductor of store level restaurant research for performance and store characteristics.


Site specific restaurant sales data for 210+ chains


Over 190,000 locations in database


80+ data elements captured during survey


Store level surveys every 18-24 months

How well is the Chipotle performing across the street?

Restaurant trends provides you 80 store level data points including an estimated revenue.

Where is the top performing Quick Service Restaurant in my city?

The Restaurant trends database captures 190,000+ store level performance data points to provide you the opportunity to see where the highest volume restaurants are in a market.

How well does this Panera Bread perform relative to the rest of the Panera’s in this DMA?

Restaurant Trends provides a rating by geography for each brand to see how well a specific location performs relative to the rest of the portfolio.


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How to you Leverage Location Characteristics & Competitor Sales Comps in your Predictive Model

In this webinar, Keenan Baldwin, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, walks you through custom site characteristics, competitive sales comps, and our best-in-class data partner, Restaurant Trends.