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Population Density Movement

Want to know where your audience is at? By collecting information from nearly 200 million mobile devices, UberMedia’s Population Pulse delivers the powerful data you need about people in your area.


Where are the people in your trade area moving? Is population density growing or shrinking? UberMedia allows SiteZeus users to get the most advanced suggestions regarding spatial trends based on mobile phone usage. Data of the highest quality, for confident decision-making every day.

Available as an add-on

  • 190 million mobile devices
  • Population movement by hour of day
  • Population shifts by trade area
  • Pre-built by block group for Heat Maps
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Understand if people are leaving your trade area during a specific time of day

Get Granular

Replace your current daytime population metric by hour of day


Understand which trade area has the greatest population for a specific hour of day

Weekend vs Weekday

Understand the differences between weekday and weekend population movements

Are people leaving my trade area during the lunch rush?

With Population Pulse, gain a deeper understanding of your daytime population metrics by seeing movements anytime during the day.

Will this trade area support a late night business?

Population Pulse allows you to compare against all of your existing locations or competitors’ existing late-night stores, to confirm if you have a viable trade area to stay open late.

Does this trade area generate enough weekend traffic to justify my location?

With Population Pulse, population movements are broken out by weekdays and weekends. This allows you to understand when you can expect to generate the majority of your business.


“We are very pleased to enter into this partnership with SiteZeus and make mobile density data more accessible to the retail and real estate industries. Our Insight Pulse data applies our cutting-edge data science and statistical analysis to mine for the highest quality location and behavioral signals, and it’s a perfect complement to SiteZeus’ powerful analytical processes.”

Eric Aledort, Chief Business Development Officer, UberMedia


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UberMedia Webinar

How do people move in your trade area?

Check out our second series of “Does data have a seat at your table?” – the UberMedia edition. Get ready to see Pulse, UberMedia’s mobile density data, live in our real-time artificial intelligence platform, SiteZeus Synergy™. We’ll uncover why some of the savviest brands are paying attention to this data set.