The Franchise Portal

Maximize your Potential

The new Franchise Portal is designed to streamline market planning across the organization. Powered by AI, this custom solution delivers accurate analytics, fast and with ease, creating maximum efficiency between the Franchisor and the Franchisee.

See How Below

  • Users & Roles
  • Territory Permissions
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Market optimization
  • Model Accuracy
  • Access to Big Data

All systems grow

Franchisors can deploy one universal predictive model across the entire franchise community, with custom user roles and territory permissions. Franchisees can leverage that model, and everything Synergy has to offer, inside of their territories.

How can the Franchise Portal help you?


One master model

Leverage one master model for your entire franchise community.

Geographical security

Create users and roles, as well as territory permissions for franchisees and the regional team.

Congruent data & reporting

Reference the same data when discussing options for growth and optimization. Leverage the reporting wizard to export insight that can be shared with all parties.

Site submittals

Get real-time site updates on new site submittals.

Central data repository

Survey and collect your locations’ revenue data and custom site characteristics and house that data inside one central repository.

Cost savings

A scalable cost structure that you can deploy across the community.

Franchise appeal

By embracing a forward-facing scientific solution for franchise market planning, brands are expanding their franchise appeal.

Value added partner

Become a value added partner to your franchise community by maximizing the proprietary data you possess already to fuel your growth.


Access a predictive model

Franchisee groups of all sizes can now leverage a predictive model. Having a global sample size enhances the learning and training of the model.

Market planning

Test theories in a real-time platform. Curious about a location? Drop a pin and get a projection, it takes seconds. Also heat map your market for pockets of interest, search for customers, and research the competition.

Access brand data

Access holistic brand data for compounded accuracy and insight into comparable sites from the entire sample size.


Franchisees are franchisors will be able to look at the same data in reports for consistency in communication on analytics and insight.

Site Approval

Streamline site approvals with unlimited projection and reports to send up the line.

Effective cost

Offset the cost of a typical subscription with a bundled franchise package.

Want to see the portal live?

Let’s schedule time to go over the Franchise Portal, first tell us a bit about yourself.