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Man vs. Machine: Don’t Get Left Behind

Don’t miss “Man vs. Machine” @RLC2017 - Join us at this year’s Restaurant Leadership Conference, on April 9th at 2:15pm – Grand Sonoran C. We’ll be kicking off the conference at our breakout session, where Tyler Carlson, VP of Sales at SiteZeus, will be running a panel session with Keenan Baldwin, Co-CEO & Co-Founder of SiteZeus, Steven Roberts Founder & President of Restaurant [...]


Franchise Restaurant Concepts Group looks to SiteZeus for location intelligence foresight

As the largest franchisee of HuHot Mongolian Grill Restaurants, Franchise Restaurant Concepts (FRC) Group is seasoned and restaurant-savvy. With over 25 years of franchise experience under its belt and currently more than 20 locations throughout the midwest, the group decided earlier this year to team up with Dallas-based Cowboy Chicken in a 14-unit franchise deal. HuHot Mongolian [...]


Anatomy of a perfect location, with and without big data

Your use of heuristics could be costing you millions. What’s a heuristic? In layman’s terms, it’s judging a book by its cover. It’s when you decide on something based on limited information, just like Pavlov’s dog salivating when it hears a bell. As humans, we use this approach constantly because it’s incredibly efficient. Instead of watching an entire movie, we first look at the [...]


Brick-and-mortar retail meets Big Data- and there’s no turning back

Cutting-edge technology and brick-and-mortar retailers have never got along perfectly. The relationship is complicated, but it can be incredibly harmonious despite the knee-jerk opposition of many retailers to things like online shopping, mobile apps, bluetooth beacons and now Big Data. Business owners who reject these ideas are often left behind as the natural selection of [...]

Punch Bowl Social party mecca uses SiteZeus in major expansion

Whether you like karaoke, bowling, arcade classics or just dancing with friends, Punch Bowl Social is designed to be your one-stop bar and party venue. The concept is alluring, and unsurprisingly, people want more. With 8 existing locations in cities including Denver, Austin and Portland, the company is looking to bring their carefree party atmosphere to more cities— SiteZeus is [...]


SiteZeus @International Franchise Association | #IFA2017

From January 29th – February 1st franchisors of all sizes, single and multi-unit franchisees and supplier partners sped through the Mandalay Bay convention hall, networking, learning, and passing through exhibits. The Convention featured top-flight speakers willing to share their best practices, war stories and learnings. Some of our team members were even able to connect with Tim [...]

National sports bar chain Tilted Kilt signs on with SiteZeus

Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery, one of America’s most feel-good national chains, has joined the SiteZeus platform to take advantage of today’s most cutting-edge confidence tool for their upcoming expansion. Originally opened in Las Vegas in 2003, the brand has since grown to hold over 20 locations. Tilted Kilt can now rely on SiteZeus to make the most out of real, raw data when it comes [...]


CREvolve Episode 7: Location Intelligence Data Collectors SiteZeus

In tonight’s conversation, we welcome Keenan Baldwin, Co-Founder & Co-CEO of SiteZeus! Technology is infiltrating the CRE space. Despite speculation CRE would be slow adopting technology, capital resources and products are integrating the two. SiteZeus, a location intelligence data collection, is the company we discussed within our Google Hangout conference call. SiteZeus [...]