SiteZeus Savvy

Take your site analysis and presentations to a new level with SiteZeus Savvy.

Professionalize your business

SiteZeus Savvy™ is our plow-horse of reporting and analytics. Built to leverage our SiteZeus database architecture, Savvy is capable of crunching massive amounts of demographics and data points for thousands of locations in seconds. Take your comparative location analytics to the next level with SiteZeus Savvy. Turn hours and days into seconds and minutes.

Comparative Site Analysis

With Savvy, you can build uber comparative analytics using hundreds, even thousands of locations for market and national level studies.

Unlimited Locations

With the addition of the ‘locations’ layer in Savvy, you now have the ability to build your projects with an unlimited amount of target and benchmark locations.

Enhanced Reporting

Dive deeper into why certain locations are better than others. Get easy optics and more powerful reporting with Savvy’s SitePak enhancements.

The age of the SitePak

Never in the history of location intelligence has a technology been able to aggregate, compute, distill and present data as quickly and easily as SiteZeus™ does- at such a competitive price. Turn those valuable hours spent computing and presenting analysis into time used to grow your brand.


All The Good Stuff!

SiteZeus Savvy™ has point of interest/merchant layering, void analysis, market optimization and heat mapping features that are familiar to the SZ Simply™ offering.


Multi-Site Synergy Grid™

Expand upon SiteZeus Simply’s capability of prefetched trade area analysis, only now with tens or hundreds of locations at once.


Multi-Site SitePak™ Reporting

Generate comparative site reporting & analysis with groups of locations in a matter of seconds. Literally save days of manual analysis.

Stack in more data

Not enough data? Leverage the Olympus data exchange to source highly specific bundles of the world’s leading real estate data. From cell-driven transportation patterns to climate data, SiteZeus Savvy lets you stack in just what you need.

Turn days into minutes

Every broker, developer or GIS analyst knows the painstaking amount of time and energy spent on site analysis and presentations. Well that’s all changed with SiteZeus Savvy. Take those hours upon hours spent on tedious, mindless work and use them for more productive and effective purposes.

Automate manual process

Do what you do best and we’ll do the same. We’ll take care of all those little tasks you used to dread- from aggregating and comparing demographics in Excel to creating Powerpoint presentations. SiteZeus Savvy has you covered. Transform your next executive real estate meeting into a mind-blowing success.

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