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The simplest and cheapest GIS available. Can you afford not to?

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Simple. Efficient. Affordable.

SiteZeus Simply™ offers the everyday broker, developer and entrepreneur a powerful view into the data driving a particular location. Built with simplicity and ease-of-use in mind, our technology caters to your every need and question seamlessly. With one of the fastest geo-spatial architectures in the world and the power of over 3 billion data points at your fingertips, the world is yours.

Custom Layering

Build customized points of interest inside of user defined layers. Simply type in your desired search criteria and filter the results you wish to display and specify. Uber fast and efficient.

Canvas Heat Mapping

Unlike every other heat map that uses standardized US census shapes to display data, SiteZeus actually retains from the household level and illustrates a true canvas heat map across all your screens’ visible landscape. It’s stunningly insightful.

Easy, Robust Reporting

With fully integrated data visualization and reporting capabilities, our SitePak™ technology will let you filter and breeze through designing and presenting your location intelligence in a truly unique and powerful way.

The simplest GIS ever

100% Map View, integrated multi use search functionality, Prefetched Trade Area Data and the world’s first truly integrated GIS data visualization capabilities. What else could you ask for? Oh yeah, and it’s easier than pie.


Prefetched Trade Areas

A first of its kind, our Synergy Grid™ technology pre-fetches over 10 different trade area sizes, allowing for super fast analysis.


Single SitePak™ Reporting

Generate beautiful, demographic and data analysis in seconds with our Synergy Grid & SitePak reporting technology.


POI & Void Analysis

Using Google, build powerful merchant/point of interest layers and perform retail void analysis around prospect locations.


Market Optimization

Heat map markets using a combination of attributes to pinpoint areas of interest with supporting or target metrics.

Find your next location

SiteZeus was built for the sole purpose of helping individuals make increasingly calculated and educated decisions when it comes to site selection. SiteZeus offers you the most robust tool to make that next location decision by utilizing over 3 billion data points.

Data packed stack

For just $99 you have access to the cream of the crop of data sets. You can be confident that the data you’re getting is of the most accurate and granular available thanks to Experian’s household-level demographics. Take your analysis as deep as you desire by utilizing options to stack on more unique data sets.

  • Population

    Packed with metrics on age, ethnicity, household size, length of residency and more.

  • Religion

    In addition to population, understand the political and religious views of consumers.

  • Education

    Know how educated your consumer and target trade area is before you make any decisions.

  • Incomes

    Target particular consumers using income segments, wealth status and home values.

  • Points of Interest

    Pinpoint particular co-tenants, competitors or lack there of using our layering system.

Completely cloud based

Built and raised entirely on the cloud, SiteZeus enables access from anywhere. This also means all of your data, analysis and projects are backed up and super secure through the Microsoft Azures cloud infrastructure.

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