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Understand where your competition is by leveraging the latest restaurant & retail database from CAP locations.

Competitive Analytics Professionals

CAP (Competitive Analytics Professionals) Locations is the leading provider for Shopping Centers, Retailer, and Restaurant location data, aiding in market analysis and site selection. Their location data is current, accurate, GIS and system ready – providing users with insight to make strategic decisions confidently, competitively and timely.

Included in Subscription

  • 1.7 million records
  • National Coverage
  • Updated semi annually
  • Categorized by vertical and brand
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Market saturation

Better understand the market you’re in or getting into


Check the number of seats in available in a trade area


Keep a pulse on, and instantly enable, your brand to map competition

Where are all of the grocery stores in a specific geography?

Instantly populate any retail or restaurant POI by category or brand for a specified territory.

How many QSR restaurants are in Tampa?

Quickly populate and understand how many QSR restaurants are in a specific market to better understand if it is over saturated.

Which Casual dining brand has the most units in a specific market?

Quickly understand which brand has the greatest footprint in a market.


“A.I. is a potential game-changer in location intelligence. It eliminates the glaring lack of looking at site characteristics, while at same time eliminating the huge logistical problems — the best of both worlds. It offers a situation in which you are free to explore all of the major factors that are affecting the efficacy of a particular site.”

– Jim Roots, CEO of Cap Locations


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