Building higher intelligence
around location-based decisions

Predictability & Interpretability

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We are a Location Intelligence platform pioneering the use of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to make more informed location based decisions through a data and vertical agnostic architecture. We combine the power of big data, automated business processes and a well defined user experience to allow individuals and organizations to interpret actionable insights, mitigate risk and create efficiencies through the use of combined data points.

Retail Brands

Retail brands from all industries now have the power to automate their manual process, enhance investment appeal, shrink growth timeline and most importantly increase average unit volumes.


Create next level analytics and presentations using the fastest, most efficient GIS technology ever created. Make sure your next client presentation is much more than a “feel good” demographic report.


Arm yourself with our unique site selection insights derived from cutting edge data sources to effortlessly attract elite and sustainable tenants with bulletproof confidence at an accelerated pace.


We understand your needs and have molded our data reporting and visualization technologies to best suit them. Get the right data to make the best decisions, recruit the best retailers and stay ahead of your competition.

Industry Expertise

Our three highly differentiated subscription packages offer you flexibility and customization to ensure you receive maximum value at sensible price points.





Private Equity



SiteZeus Synergy™ is our most powerful subscription, prescribed to retail brands and brokerage firms. This truly unprecedented platform mixes client data and cutting-edge artificial intelligence to create a location intelligence cocktail like no other. Leverage site selection, sales forecasting and predictive modeling to its highest potential.

DESIGNED FOR: Retailers Brokers


Coming Soon

SiteZeus Savvy™ was built for emerging retail brands, regional brokerages and large developers looking to sustain and elevate themselves in an increasingly data-driven world. Our powerhouse analytics and sophisticated reporting engine drive deep, beautiful insights and presentations.

DESIGNED FOR: Retailers Brokers Landlords Developers

Turn hours and days
into seconds and minutes.

Over 3 billion data points
at your finger tips.


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SiteZeus Simply™ was designed with the everyday broker, developer and proprietor in mind, redefining ‘intuitive’ by offering cost-effective GIS technology analyses simply and efficiently. Harness the computing capabilities that are driving industry shifts and establish your brand on the forefront of business innovation.

DESIGNED FOR: Brokers Landlords Developers

Olympus Data Exchange

Supercharged Data Stack

Vetted and tested to the core, our proprietary data stack is built and aggregated using the world’s leading data providers, including Consumer Orbit, Google, INRIX, Black Box Intelligence and many others. You can trust the analytics and intelligence provided by SiteZeus is powered through the most granular, accurate data sets available.

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