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Household Level Demographics

With over 30 years of experience, Environics has a proven track record as the industry leader producing quality data. Environics maintains this position by continually innovating and improving upon the methodology used for the demographic update.

Environics Analytics

In today’s dynamic marketplace, you need to understand your customers and markets. Environics Analytics data provides access to that. Integrated into the core of our software, this broad range of demographics will enhance your experience, allowing you and your business profit from the numbers.

Included in Subscription

  • Over 750 variables
  • Pre-categorized
  • Block group level
  • 5 Year growth
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Understand your trade area with key demographic profiles


Heat map income levels


Build demographic comparisons amongst location

Does this trade support the income level my concept needs in order to perform?

Report, heat map any income level at multiple trade areas sizes to efficiently benchmark a location.

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Does this trade area have enough Baby Boomers to drive performance at my location?

Quickly understand the age breakdown at multiple trade area sizes for a given location(s).

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What is the demographic profile of my locations?

Create a report that shows the leading demographic attributes across 750 variables.

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“SiteZeus does a fantastic job at offering visually appealing, aesthetically-pleasing interactive software that allows you to visualize the map and dive into individual locations. You can retrieve data on any given or potential location and see everything in seconds — that’s what clients have come to expect.”

– Danny Heuman, Vice President of Environics Analytics


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Get the location and customer insights you need

Enjoy the 5th Edition of “Does data have a seat at your table?” focused on the addition of data from Environics Analytics, one of North America’s leading data and analytic companies. We’ll show you how to access authoritative demographic data to analyze sites, profile customers and determine sales potential.