Sandbox™ Portfolio Optimization

Remodel. Relocate. Close.

Prioritize a remodel, relocation, or closure with confidence. The SiteZeus Sandbox™ enables you to test theories and make discoveries to validate your optimization plans with ease.

Remodel Package Impact

Look at remodeling implications on a specific site, a subset of sites, or all of you locations.

Site Attribute Impact

Quickly understand the financial impact, positive or negative, certain site adjustments have on your locations.

Closure Analysis

Explore options, then deliberate. Our scientific approach brings clarity to the picture, making tough decisions easier.


Questions you can answer with the Sandbox:
  • Which stores will benefit most from a remodel?
  • Should I add more signage to some of my sites?
  • What if I improved operations at particular sites?
  • Which sites will benefit most from more marketing spend?
  • If I build larger sites, will revenue increase?
  • Can I trust the Sandbox optimization results?
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“With the addition of the SiteZeus platform, we will be able to better evaluate how individual locations will perform and affect the trade area while providing analytical tools for overall market realignment.”

Don FertmanChief Development Officer, Subway®


Want to see it in action?

Tune in to see a Sandbox™ demonstration with Keenan Baldwin, Co-Founder & Co-CEO of SiteZeus.