Synergy Power

Transparent Predictive Intelligence

Synergy Power was designed out of necessity. There was a void in the market, with unexplainable, stale predictive models. Understanding that transparency translates trust, we’ve empowered users to build models, understand them, refine them, and do it in real-time.

Always know how accurate your model is

Our Synergy Power Gauge, as seen above, provides a score out of 100%, indicating model accuracy. Thanks to cutting edge A.I. & Machine Learning, we’re able to recalculate this in real-time.

  • Glass Box AI predictive modeling
  • Powered by A.I. and Machine Learning

The Smart Forest

The nickname for our mathematical algorithm used to produce projections. The system runs every algorithm type upon a rebuild and selects the most accurate for use.

Cross Validation

A process by which a statistical model is tested for accuracy and predictive power by iteratively building models with a subset of the sample set, while holding out a test set, to test against.

“A formula for success”

Synergy Power not only brings accuracy, but confidence to our site selection process. When Magnolia Bakery engaged SiteZeus, we withheld certain location revenues that SiteZeus was able to project within 2.5% from actual unit volume. That was impressive! This is the data-backed objective narrative we were hoping for. SiteZeus gives us the advantage we are looking for out of the gate.

Albert Hasse

VP Franchise Operations, Magnolia Bakery

Drive and refine your model

Nobody knows your business better than you, so having you drive and fine-tune your model just makes sense. Set your target sales, review recommendations, rebuild and confirm theories.

1. Set Target Sales

What does success mean to you and your brand? Adjust target sales easily inside of the quadrant recommendations.

2. Review Recommendations

Easily export predictive outliers, a list of the 10% least predictable sites in your model. Study them and see where you can improve, to boost your model.

3. Rebuild & Confirm

Add new mature locations, data bundles, layers, or attributes, and you’ll get a notification to rebuild your model. It takes seconds!

Continuous Refinement

With SiteZeus your model is always living and breathing. Your model lives in the present, so adding new locations, new competitive & synergistic layers, new data bundles, becomes habitual.

Add more locations

If your brand is in a growth cycle, as those locations become mature, you’ll want to add them to your model.

Add more layers

SiteZeus helps identify competition as well as co-tenants, so visualize them on the map, but more importantly, watch as they impact your model.

Tap our datastack

Access our array of best-in-class data partners. Monthly options provide flexibility to turn specific data sets on and off.