The Franchise Portal

Scale your greatest competitive advantage

Streamline site approvals and strengthen your market-planning strategy by sharing your brand’s powerful predictive model with the entire franchise network. Through the Franchise Portal, users can perform fast, accurate analyses within their designated territories to grow and optimize their portfolios. Thanks to a single source of data and integrated reporting capabilities, your franchisee-franchisor collaboration will be easier than ever.

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  • Users & Roles
  • Territory Permissions
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Market optimization
  • Model Accuracy
  • Access to Big Data

Stronger together

Franchisors can deploy a cutting-edge analytics framework across the entire franchise community to equip their partners with the brand-specific data needed to make highly profitable location-based decisions. And with franchisors’ ability to create custom user roles and permissions, the Franchise Portal puts a premium on data security.

How can the Franchise Portal help you?


Universal model

Leverage one master model across your entire franchise community for maximum accuracy.

Integrated security

Create franchise groups, implement custom user roles, and set territory permissions to keep sensitive data private.

More-constructive conversations

Make your discussions about growth and optimization more productive by referencing the same data as your franchisees. Then generate SitePak reports to share insights with all parties.

Faster site-submittal process

Make site evaluations more efficient by using the map to view all the sites your franchisees are currently considering. Then easily access and review the data that led them to choose these sites.

Cost savings

Deploy a scalable cost structure throughout your franchise network for an unbeatable ROI.

Enhanced brand reputation

Strengthen your relationships and attract new franchisees by embracing an innovative approach to market planning. Why not maximize the brand-specific data you already have to fuel your growth?

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Data-driven approach

Leverage predictive analytics through your brand’s global model — no matter how many sites you currently have. A larger sample size improves the model’s training and accounts for more variables.

Advanced market planning

Test theories and get results in real time. With unlimited sales projections that require no additional time or money, you can make your site selection and portfolio optimization more thorough than ever.

Full range of solutions

Ready to expand within your territory? Overlay heat maps, perform white space analyses, and study key customer segments to identify areas with high revenue potential. Then select specific locations to receive instant sales projections, calculate sales impact, and evaluate nearby competitors.

Built-in reporting

Accelerate the site-approval process by using customizable reporting templates to send your analyses to the corporate team.

Budget-friendly plan

Skip the cost of a typical subscription with a franchise package.

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