Zeustimate™ Sales Forecasting

Fast. Accurate. Real-time.

Sales forecasting has never been easier. Thanks to AI and machine learning, Zeustimate sales projections calculate in seconds with extreme accuracy.

  • Unlimited Projections

That’s right. SiteZeus is ready when you are, with uncapped sales projections. Test theories and validate them in real-time, with ease.

  • GlassBox A.I.™

Always know how accurate your projections are with SiteZeus. See which variables are impacting your projections and compare them to your fleet.

  • Dynamic Attributes

Site attributes make a big impact on your model. Toggle the attributes on any site for a live adjusted sales projection.

  • Simple & Robust Reports

Also unlimited, our one-click reports allow you to build SitePaks in seconds, or isolate one location to get a granular Zeustimate Report. Click here for a sample

Get a Zeustimate!

First drop a pin

Drop a pin to get a sales projection, or a Zeustimate. SiteZeus calculates your projection in seconds with extreme precision, taking thousands of data points into account.

Kick the dirt with Street View

You don’t always have time to visit every site. Jump into Street View and get the lay of the land.

Adjust Site Attributes

Site Attributes, or custom site characteristics, make a big impact on your model. Toggle these attributes up or down for increased accuracy and an adjusted projection.

Explainable AI with Variable Impact

Why did I get a $2.4M projection? Variable Impact is the first step in understanding and explaining what’s driving your model.

Smart Comps

Find potential locations and compare them against successful existing locations.

Report on findings

One-click reports make extracting insight easy! Get a SitePak Report on potential locations or get a Zeustimate Report, for a single site analysis.

“It’s important that we continue to look for the best tools and technologies on the market, and it’s clear that SiteZeus is the leader when it comes to big data and location intelligence.”

Shoukat DhananiCEO, The Dhanani Group

“With the addition of the SiteZeus platform, we will be able to better evaluate how individual locations will perform and affect the trade area while providing analytical tools for overall market realignment.”

Don FertmanChief Development Officer, Subway

“SiteZeus empowers us to confidently navigate territories with the tools of a data scientist. We’re sifting through more data than humanly possible. They’ve changed the way we think about data.”

Hugh H. Connerty Jr.Co-Chairman, Metro Diner

“Now we can test our own models and discover new market potential, even investigate variables and how they work together to impact revenue. The bottom line is that SiteZeus mitigates risks and increases profitability for us.”

Aaron RubenVP of Real Estate and Development, Restaurant & Breweries Group

“We’ve long used our proprietary SafeSplash PowerScore model to give us an analytics foundation for helping Franchisees select new sites. SiteZeus has helped us take that to the next level with the introduction of AI in our model.”

Matt LaneCEO, SafeSplash Swim School

“That is really a great leap forward in our evolution of utilizing data to make high-quality decisions and more educated decisions in site selection. ”

Graham HansonDirector of Real Estate, Pita Pit USA

“SiteZeus empowers us to make the most out of our data, to extract exactly what we need for big-picture decisions and daily tasks.”

Carlos VarelaFranchise Development Manager, Pronto Insurance

“When Magnolia Bakery engaged SiteZeus, we withheld certain location revenues that SiteZeus was able to project within 2.5% from actual unit volume. That was impressive!”

Albert HasseVP Franchise Operations, Magnolia Bakery


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