SiteZeus Synergy

Take your growth to a confident, calculated level with our proprietary artificial intelligence.

Find and forecast your next location

The future of consumer analytics and site selection is here. SiteZeus Synergy™ enables you to grow your existing business with a confident and calculated approach. Understand your market potential and forecast sales using site specific criteria. Using SiteZeus Synergy, your company can now have immediate, actionable insights into exactly who your target customer is, how your competition affects you, national feasibility optics and sales forecasting.

100% User Driven

SiteZeus Synergy is 100% user driven, meaning you can now drive all of your location intelligence needs when and how you want to, with the utmost confidence and clarity.

Highly Transparent

Visualize and understand the core attribute drivers of your brand at a local, regional and national level in a matter of seconds using our Synergy Mapping intelligence.

Cost Effective

Ten times the power for one tenth the cost. No need to spend a fortune with old-school consultants and legacy technologies. Can you afford not to?

Power packed in every pixel

Taking the best from SiteZeus Savvy and Simply and combining it with our proprietary artificial intelligence technology, we give you SiteZeus Synergy. Our most holistic subscription, Synergy provides turn-key real estate solutions and consumer analytics to growing retail brands of all types. All completely user-driven at a fraction of the competitor’s cost.



Create sales driven location intelligence using our real-time, artificial intelligence. Stack in custom attributes as well.



Instantly understand who your customer is & what attributes are driving which revenues by city, region and state.



Harness the power of our incredible reporting technology to build uber SitePaks™ and market tours in a matter of minutes.


Competitive Analysis

Pinpoint and calculate the effect of competitors and even synergistic points of interest like bus stops or schools in real-time on the fly.



Produce Zeustimate™ (forecast) driven heat maps across major markets and landscapes. Arguably our most powerful raw intelligence.



Understand market potential, unit count projections and impact studies. Visualize where to position and optimize market expansion.

Increase average unit volumes

Create enterprise value and dramatically enhance site selection predictability, reliability and performance. The SiteZeus platform will help you drive higher Unit Volumes in your new locations. More importantly our proprietary model will allow you to virtually eliminate those underperforming locations.

National feasibility, local intelligence

We’ve combined both our Zeustimate Machine Learning and Heat Mapping Technology to bring you the holy grail of data application: your brand’s national potential at your fingertips. Make adjustments to your location intelligence on the fly and watch our technology learn in real time. A first of its kind, our National Feasibility feature is uniquely possible through the SiteZeus cloud-clustered big data architecture and remains unparalleled amongst GIS technologies.

Do you know who your customers are?

Visualize and understand the core attribute drivers for your locations on a local, regional and national level in a matter of seconds. Know What, Where and When data matters for your new locations. Our Synergy Mapping™ feature is the most robust, intuitive data visualization engineered to date.

Data done right

When it comes to machine learning and big data, we focus on three key factors of our Data Stack: Data Integrity, Data Capture and Data Diversity. Using these three core values we have produced the world’s most powerful data stack to fuel site selection modeling and ultimately your Zeustimates. See all of the data stacks we aggregate.

Real-time artificial intelligence

Speed is by far our most differentiating feature; we turned the traditional model building process of 30-120 days into microseconds. Our micro-threaded, cloud-clustered machine learning and clustered database architecture iterates through billions of permutations of data in the blink of an eye.

Fast. Easy. Intuitive.

Build and refine your brand’s location intelligence model in seconds. Visualize market potential and understand exactly what attributes drive sales on a local, regional and national basis. Score real estate factors on the spot. Become your own Powerfully Accurate Location Intelligence™ expert.

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