Why SiteZeus?


Above Competition

Intensive users of Customer analytics are 23x more likely to outperform their competitors

– McKinsey & Company


Of Executives Agree

85% of managers and executives claim the importance of analytics in decision making

– Harvard Business Review


Average ROI

Investments in analytic solutions returned $13.01 for every dollar spent on average.

– Nucleus Research



Total number of Zeustimates processed by SiteZeus users over the last two years. Zeustimates are sales projections which compute in real time, with the click of a button.

Empower the where, the how, and the why for your company

Location Intelligence (LI) solutions can deliver huge ROI, but most LI solutions fail, especially for growing companies. For most, enterprise LI solutions are overly complex, expensive and take to many resources and too long to implement. On the flip side, basic do it yourself GIS mapping tools lack the sophistication and insight that multi-unit retailers need to meet the growing demands and competition. SiteZeus has created an intelligent blend to meet the demands of any multi-unit retailer looking to grow, optimize, remodel, or for that matter anything Location! We’ve developed our own Machine Learning (ML) framework to power the predictive intelligence that each of our users create; the beauty is our framework is continuously learning and getting smarter!


For too long predictive location intelligence solutions have provided ZERO transparency. At SiteZeus, this has been a core part of our mission; to deliver full, immediate transparency related to anything predictive in your subscription. Users can quickly answer questions like:

  • How accurate is my model?
  • What variables and attributes are being used in the model?
  • How often are each variable or attribute being used in the model?
  • What variables are being used to generate this individual projection?
  • How much does each variable or attribute impact the projection?

At SiteZeus, we developed an architecture that allows the end user to drive the tool and iterate the model over time. Users have the ability to:

  • Build their own model
  • Refresh model with new data, stores or attributes at any time
  • Add a new data bundle

Enterprise LI is overly complex and takes too many resources to implement and basic do it yourself GIS doesn’t offer enough flexibility or insight. SiteZeus has developed an intelligence blend to empower large, enterprise organizations to drive and implement a tool internally as well as the emerging brand that has limited resources.


Tired of paying upfront for an location intelligence solution? Having to wait 12 weeks for “implementation?” And finally, by the time you get it, the data is already stale. We get it, that’s why we made a platform that empowered the end users. With SiteZeus, begin receiving value on day 1 and never stop progressing. Get started now!

Machine Learning

Legacy methods have plagued LI solutions in the past creating limiting factors that don’t reflect the reality of what a user is predicting. SiteZeus has developed its own proprietary ML framework to provide an user with the ability to take in consideration an infinite number of variables, geography and maintain an unprecedented level of transparency.

Why SiteZeus?

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