Big Data

Make better location-based decisions with explainable A.I.
Synergy Power Score

Transparent predictive modeling

Need a confidence boost? Consider the Synergy Power Score your “confidence meter” — which can show the health of your predictive model based on each specific, separate project, using cross-validation to test the accuracy of all of your locations. It’s easy to present results to your team, as we highlight, in quadrant format, which locations you should relocate, study, optimize or keep growing.

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Zeustimate™ Sales Forecasting

Real-time predictive intelligence

Sales forecasting made easy. With the drop of a pin, the Zeustimate provides real-time sales projections that aggregate in seconds by location. Thanks to the power of AI and machine learning, we’re able to calculate projections that fast. Not only that, but our platform will also forecast sales based on a revenue breakdown that you determine. As a result, you can understand your sales potential across the entire U.S.

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Sandbox Portfolio Optimization

Remodel. Relocate. Close.

Prioritize a remodel, relocation, or closure with confidence. The SiteZeus Sandbox™ enables you to test theories and make discoveries to validate your optimization plans with ease. Look at remodeling implications on a specific site, a subset of sites, or all of you locations. Quickly understand the financial impact, positive or negative, certain site adjustments have on your locations. Explore options, then deliberate. Our scientific approach brings clarity to the picture, making tough decisions easier.

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Franchise Roles & Permissions

Maximize your franchise potential

The new Franchise Portal is designed to streamline market planning across the organization. Powered by AI, this custom solution delivers accurate analytics, fast and with ease, creating maximum efficiency between the Franchisor and the Franchisee. Franchisors can deploy one universal predictive model across the entire franchise community, with custom user roles and territory permissions.

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Variable Impact & Importance

Understand what variables drive your predictive model

With Variable Importance you will have greater insight into your predictive model. Variable Importance uses a relative percentage to show which variables are used across all possible projections and the frequency of use. Variable Impact on the other hand gives you even deeper insight into your models, by showing the impact of attributes used in the Zeustimate, for each site. You’ll get the starting projection, and then monetary amounts for each variable used to generate the Zeustimate.

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Smart Comps

See comparable differences and similarities between variables

Building upon the addition of Variable Importance and Variable Impact, we now introduce SiteZeus Smart Comps, which find existing locations that follow a similar analytical path as the Zeustimate you are viewing. Compare subject sites to existing locations like never before.

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Sales Revenue Heat Maps

Unlock your local & national potential

Hold your own national feasibility study with our dynamic heat maps. Our system blankets the screen with sales projections to show you where your brand would perform best, with the help of a heat map legend. This takes your sales revenue, custom site characteristics, and demographics into account while crunching the data. Our revenue heat map presents sales potential relative to the trade area you are looking at. Based off your model, it then determines where your concept would best perform.

Demographic Heat Maps

Pinpoint your target demographics

Want to understand what variables drive your most successful locations, so you can duplicate their success? Drill deep into demographic data with our Demographic Heat Maps. By heat mapping this data, you can easily determine where the demographics are that you want to target. Get granular and zoom into your trade area, or look across the board, on a national level, to identify potential markets your concept could tap into. We currently tap into age, education, ethnicity, homes, income, occupation, points of interest, population, and traffic data.

INRIX Traffic Volume

Daily average traffic counts by direction

Drill down deep with traffic data. Available with all base subscriptions, INRIX Traffic Volume offers annual average traffic volumes by direction, where users can hover over any major road segment across the United States to get an accurate count. It is an aggregation of car and cell phone GPS locations as well as DoT data. You no longer need to go to every state’s DoT. For day-parted and hour of day data, simply upgrade your base package.

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The Olympus Data Exchange

Supercharged Data Stack

Build up your data stack by only purchasing the data that you need, when you need it. We’ve strategically partnered with some of the world’s leading data providers to supercharge your results and provide a rich trove that fuels and boosts your model accuracy. The flexibility and ease is unparalleled: New data partners are constantly added to the list; you can easily purchase new data sets at the touch of a button; and most data bundles can be turned on and off, month to month.

Competitive Sales Comps

Visualize competition and co-tenants

Now you can also add revenues to your layered locations. If you know a location’s revenue you can add that value to the location layer. Restaurant Trends data, for example, fits perfectly in this new feature. Revenues are visible on the map when you hover over a “layer” pin and can be turned on to pop-up on your pins through the “layer” button on the map.

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Pre-built & Custom Points of Interest

If you can search it we can find it

Want to access points of interest in SiteZeus? Choose from three different, user-friendly ways: You can easily run searches in the search bar and hit enter, which will pull any locations with those keywords to the center of the screen. If you “magic wand” those keywords, SiteZeus will pull those locations around your existing locations. Finally, we have a dedicated database, with millions of points of interest, thanks to Caps Locations, a member of the Olympus Data Exchange. There, you can easily sort through and filter results as needed.

Site Attributes

Evaluate custom site characteristics

Site attributes, or variables that a brand or concept collects across all locations, can add a great deal of value to your predictive model, thanks to the objective nature of these data points, also known as “custom site characteristics.” You can refine your Zeustimate by adjusting the Site Attributes to the location-specific values. For example, you can adjust square footage, access, visibility, signage, management and more.

SitePak Reports

Finally, reporting made easy

Our SitePak™ Wizard hands you the reins to lightning-fast, unlimited, custom reporting. There are five customizable templates that you can leverage. Crack down on demographics with our simply reporting – or run a Quick Demos report, for a screenshot of a subject site. You can also compare a subject location to a subset of your locations to better understand your projections. Dive into Synergy reporting to better understand what variables positively or negatively impact your business, to shed light on new potential locations. We take the heavy lifting out of building site packs.

Synergy Grid / Analytics Dashboard

Make discoveries, and test theories

A location analytics data dashboard that delivers. Our best-in-class data visualization displays thousands of data points in an easy-to-digest, highly-reportable way. Want to know which data points have a positive or negative correlation to location revenues? No problem. Build out your site selection criteria, create custom reports, filter impactful variables by trade area size. It’s easy.


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