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The Olympus Data Exchange

supercharge your data

The Olympus Data Exchange grants you direct access to the world's most trusted data sets. Designed to supplement your models for greater predictability, this analytics powerhouse is only a couple clicks away.

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Traffic volume

What is inrix?

INRIX gathers population movement data from over 300 million mobile devices, vehicle GPSs, and Department of Transportation sites to deliver the only time-of-day and day-of-week traffic volume data separated by direction. With this data, you’ll never need to count cars again.

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Mobile location Data

What is mobile location data?

Azira’s mobile location data tracks over 100 million active mobile devices in the United States. It allows you to visualize your customers' location two hours before and two hours after they enter a geofenced area. This excludes customers' homes and workplaces so that you can see their true path to purchase and visualize your location's trade area.

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Population movement

What is population movement?

With data from nearly 400 million mobile devices in the United States, Azira gives you the highest-quality population movement data to help you analyze spatial trends in your trade area.

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Geosocial segmentation

What is geosocial data? is a location-data company that creates social-based consumer segmentation profiles using billions of geotagged conversations from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Meetup and other social platforms. SiteZeus users can leverage 70 unique segments to study organic consumer behavior.

Household demographics
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Household demographics

What is demographic data?

Claritas uses census data to provide detailed demographic data.

Point-of-interest database
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Points of interest database

What are points of interest?

CAP's current and accurate location data provides the context you need to closely analyze markets and strategically select sites. It is current, accurate, and GIS system-ready to help you make strategic location-based decisions.

Dynamic points of interest
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Dynamic points of interest

What are google points-of-interest details?

Data refreshed in real time allows you to generate custom points of interest and layer generic ones.

Estimated fuel pricing
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Estimated fuel pricing

What is Opis data

Oil Price Information Service (OPIS) is the most widely accepted pricing index for wholesale gas and diesel. By offering competitive fuel prices, convenience stores can increase their in-store foot traffic and substantially expand their profit margins.

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