White space analysis

White Space Analysis Where can your brand grow?

  • Identify optimal markets
  • Increase market share
  • Discover infill potential
  • Evaluate acquisition opportunities
  • Assess competition across markets
  • Follow synergistic brands
  • Optimize distance between sites
  • Specify desired revenue threshold
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White space analysis - Optimal markets

Use case

Identify optimal markets

Answer the question, "In which markets will my business thrive?"

White space analysis - Market share

Use case

Increase market share

Analyze new markets to find sites like your top performers. Decide how many locations you can open — and in which order — to maximize revenue potential.

White space analysis - Infill potential

Use case

Discover infill potential

Uncover new opportunities to grow within your existing markets. Find your next winning location(s).

White space analysis - Acquisition opportunities

Use case

Evaluate acquisition opportunities

Run accurate sales forecasts to determine how your brand would perform at a potential acquisition site.

White space analysis - Assess competition

Use case

Assess competition across markets

Understand your competitors' presence in key markets to determine where your brand can grow.

White space analysis - Synergistic brands

Use case

Follow synergistic brands

Strengthen your market presence by following brands that complement your business model.

White space analysis - Optimize distance

Use case

Optimize distance between sites

Set a distance threshold to ensure you are not assessing locations that are too close to your existing sites or too close to the other points of interest that are included in your analysis.

White space analysis - Specify revenue

Use case

Specify desired revenue threshold

Set a revenue threshold to ensure you are evaluating sites with projections that are within your desired revenue range.

Accurate White Space Analysis

Run sales projections in any market to target the best opportunities

Get results in a matter of minutes

Utilize the power of A.I. to get answers faster than ever

Eliminate consulting costs

Empower your team to run analyses in-house

SiteZeus testimonials

Site Sonar helps us identify markets with high average unit volume potential that would be more attractive to multi-unit operators. It also helps us make more educated decisions on where to recruit, how big the market potential is, and what to expect from a sales and unit economics perspective.