Portfolio optimization

Portfolio Optimization Improve portfolio performance

  • Review portfolio health at a glance
  • Investigate low performing sites
  • Optimize sites to boost sales
  • Develop a relocation strategy
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Portfolio optimization - Portfolio health

Use case

Review portfolio health at a glance

Quickly identify sites that perform ahead of the curve, require optimization or need to be relocated to boost overall portfolio performance.

Portfolio optimization - Low performing sites

Use case

Investigate low performing sites

Compare your underperforming site with five similar locations to understand if higher revenue is possible.

Portfolio optimization - Optimize sites

Use case

Optimize sites to boost sales

Experiment with a site, or group of sites, to understand how to increase revenue before investing in a remodel.

Portfolio optimization - Relocation strategy

Use case

Develop a relocation strategy

If improved performance seems unlikely after testing all optimization scenarios, quickly identify nearby regions that better support your brand.

Lightning-fast portfolio review

Analyze single sites, or your entire portfolio, in real-time

Test optimization scenarios

Vet your optimization strategy before investing capital

Forecast potential gains

Understand the probable success of your optimization strategy

SiteZeus testimonials

SiteZeus is helping us vet out the decisions whether to remodel a place, the opportunity to relocate stores that don't have future potential, and of course look at possibly consolidating underperforming stores into one better location.