Sales impact

Sales Impact Build a confident market strategy

  • Test impact scenarios
  • Understand infill growth potential
  • Maximize revenue per market
  • Proactive fortressing strategies
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Sales impact - Impact scenarios

Use case

Test impact scenarios

Predict the impact of a proposed site on any existing location. Use actual trip data to study consumer behavior and pick better locations.

Sales impact - Infill growth potential

Use case

Understand infill growth potential

See how many stores you can successfully open within a market with little to no cannibalization.

Sales impact - Competitor impact

Use case

Maximize revenue per market

Identify the greatest opportunity for revenue with added impact analyses in any market.

Sales impact - Site closure

Use case

Proactive fortressing strategies

Evaluate market saturation to strengthen your brand’s position, block competitor growth, and minimize cannibalization within your portfolio.

Insights delivered on-demand

Get your impact analysis in days, not months

Powerful map visualizations

Quickly view the impact of new site openings or closures

Facilitate franchise growth

Strengthen franchise relationships by limiting cannibalization

SiteZeus testimonials

“Before SiteZeus, pin studies required us to schedule on-site intercepts and wait for results, often weeks or even months per site. Now, getting sales impact studies takes minutes, at most; the difference in speed is night and day.”

Jim Avery | Director of Development