Sales forecasting

Sales Forecasting Understand your brand’s potential at any location

  • Understand a site’s potential.
  • Evaluate your revenue streams.
  • Study sites’ physical properties.
  • Fine-tune site attributes for precise projections.
  • Share your findings with key stakeholders.
  • Empower franchisees to find high-potential sites.
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Sales forecasting - Accurate sales

Use case

Understand a site’s potential

Combine your brand’s sales numbers with leading third-party data sets to get precise projections in just seconds.

Sales forecasting - Revenue breakdowns

Use case

Evaluate your revenue streams

Use custom categories to generate revenue breakdowns and better understand the distribution of a site’s total predicted sales.

Sales forecasting - Street view

Use case

Study sites’ physical properties

Make your first visit without leaving your desk by visualizing locations in Street View and save in-person tours for your top choices.

Sales forecasting - Site characteristics

Use case

Fine-tune site attributes for precise projections

Adjust up to 50 site characteristics to ensure your results have maximum accuracy. Then compare forecasts for proposed sites with sales data from similar sites already in your portfolio.

Sales forecasting - Report findings

Use case

Share your findings with key stakeholders

Quickly produce detailed and organized reports to present your real estate insights with greater confidence.

Sales forecasting - Report findings

Use case

Empower franchisees to find high-potential sites

Use the Franchise Portal to grant franchisees access to your brand’s global model so they can get the most accurate revenue projections possible for sites within their designated territory.

Unlimited sales projections

Find winning locations in the right markets with no cap on sales projections.

Fast, accurate results in real time

Identify site potential with speed and precision.

Insight into what's driving your projections

Understand how different attributes affect revenue potential.

SiteZeus testimonials

SiteZeus allows us to make more informed sales projections. The platform has a built-in confidence meter that backtests itself to provide a degree of accuracy we can rely on as we expand across the nation."

Alex Regar | Lead Business Intelligence Analyst