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Unrivaled in our industry, SiteZeus Synergy empowers brands to pick better locations with fast, accurate results. Built with A.I. and supported by humans, SiteZeus makes sure confident market planning is just a click away.

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The platform of choice for leading multi-unit brands:

A strategic subscription

speed & accuracy

Make confident decisions fast with the most accurate location intelligence platform. Tap into thousands of multi-dimensional data points to activate your market-planning strategy in minutes.

Explainable results

Our transparent models and data analyses will help your brand pick better locations. Impress your real estate committee and investors with clear, explainable sales forecasts.

Supported growth

While you can access data-driven results 24/7, you may have questions. No worries! Our support team will be with you every step of the way. Your success is our passion.

One platform. Endless possibilities.

Unlock comprehensive market planning with our powerful Synergy platform.

  • Sales Forecasting

    Sales Forecasting

    Understand sales potential

    With SiteZeus’ Synergy subscription, you can run unlimited sales projections to pick better locations without needing to hire a consultant or pay additional fees.

  • White Space Analysis

    White space analysis

    Where can your brand grow?

    Run your own white space analyses to unlock your brand’s potential in new and existing territories - all in a matter of minutes. Determine how many locations you can open, and in which order you should open them, to maximize their revenue potential.

  • Sales Impact

    Sales Impact

    Maximize infill growth potential

    Understand how a new location will impact sales at an existing site. With on-demand insights and powerful map visualizations, building a confident market strategy has never been easier.

  • Customer Segmentation

    Customer segmentation

    Get to know your customers

    Go beyond traditional consumer data types with geosocial customer segments. Use behavioral insights and interests to build targeted marketing campaigns and increase foot traffic at your locations.

  • Portfolio Optimization

    Portfolio Optimization

    Improve overall portfolio performance

    Perform lightning-fast portfolio reviews, test remodel scenarios, and forecast potential gains faster than ever. Confidently evaluate your entire portfolio, a group of sites, or an individual location with ease.

Advanced tools for market planning

Avoid costly mistakes by picking better locations.

Model visibility

If you can’t explain your sales forecasts simply, your predictive modeling platform is failing you. SiteZeus Synergy has the answers you need to pick better locations with confidence.

Unlimited reporting

Time well spent leads to a healthy brand - so don’t waste time on reporting. Simply choose from five customizable templates for the insights you need to influence major portfolio decisions.


Mobile trade areas

Identify true trade areas by visualizing the paths most traveled by your customers. Managing territories and minimizing cannibalization have never been easier.

Forecast breakdowns

Optimize per-location performance by understanding what your customers want and when they want it. With clear revenue breakdowns, maximizing site potential has never been easier.

Smart heat maps

Easily visualize demographics, customer segments, population density, and - most importantly - pockets of revenue to discover the most promising territories for your brand.

Correlation dashboard

What are your revenue generators? Access positive and negative correlation data to understand how to maximize per-location revenue with unshakable confidence.

Competitive layers

Understand the competitive landscape before entering a new market by including the number of competitor sites, and their proximity to your projected sites, in every sales forecast.

Territory Management

Strengthen the franchisee/franchisor relationship to build an unstoppable brand presence in the most lucrative territories.

SiteZeus testimonials
  • “SiteZeus is a partner I’m particularly excited to work with right now. They offer us a very dynamic, data-driven way to make fair and objective decisions about new locations. I think their approach is the way of the future.”

    Vice President of Real Estate, QSR

  • “Our focus is on a strategic development strategy to make sure Subway franchisees have the greatest opportunities to successfully grow their businesses. With the addition of the SiteZeus platform, we will be able to better evaluate how individual locations will perform and affect the trade area while providing analytical tools for overall market realignment.”

    Don Fertman | Chief Development Officer

  • “SiteZeus gives you a sales projection with refreshing granularity, so you know exactly how a location will generate revenue. This makes our market-planning and growth strategies more deliberate, data driven, and effective.”

    Stephanie Grant | Real Estate Portfolio Manager

  • “The SiteZeus platform gives our firm an important competitive advantage. It allows our team and our restaurant partners to identify growth opportunities incredibly fast. We can also lean on the data to support good, quantifiable decisions.”

    Jeff DeVolder | Managing Director

  • “This model allows us to determine with a higher level of confidence which key attributes drive sales and bottom-line revenue. SiteZeus provides us with information that helps us make better decisions regarding site selections, relocations, reconstructions, and cannibalization modeling.”

    Kevin Bennett | Chief Financial Officer

  • “Our brand has already achieved a sizable footprint, with over 300 locations. As we move to the next phase of growth, SiteZeus will arm us with the tools to make timely and accurate decisions backed by data.”

    Richard Leveille | Chief Development Officer

  • “By helping us prevent the opening of unfavorable sites, SiteZeus will increase our chances of compounding growth. Thanks to this proactive technology, we can help our clients expand confidently.”

    Cass Tenney | Director of Real Estate Development

  • “SiteZeus allows us to make more informed sales projections. The platform has a built-in confidence meter that backtests itself to provide a degree of accuracy we can rely on as we expand across the nation.”

    Alex Regar | Business Intelligence Analyst

  • “Our partnership with SiteZeus will help us serve the best pizza in the world to a lot more people. SiteZeus' platform will fuel our growth by helping us scout sites, identify markets, and learn about the communities we aim to serve.”

    Sasha Milosavljevich | Chief Real Estate Officer

  • Before adopting SiteZeus, we used pin studies, which required us to schedule on-site intercepts and wait often weeks or even months for a site’s results. Now, getting sales impact studies takes minutes at most; the difference in speed is night and day."

    Jim Avery | Director of Development

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