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For Growing Multi-Unit Brands

SiteZeus Synergy puts you in complete control so you can confidently select the right locations to grow your business. Easy-to-interpret, real-time results, driven by the latest in machine learning. No consultant required.

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Synergy solves site selection

Take Your Location Strategy To The Next Level

Looking to increase your AUV across your portfolio of stores? Say goodbye to sites that don’t perform. SiteZeus Synergy provides multi-unit brands with custom, location-based predictive modeling. Whether you are a business analyst, development manager or top executive, Synergy gives every organizational role the ability to get straightforward, real-time answers to complex site challenges. Any brand can benefit from Synergy’s speed, control, transparency and flexibility, but we particularly cater to the following verticals:

Step up your game with Synergy

Six Reasons You’ll Love Your Subscription

Synergy is the only A.I. driven site selection tool in the market that will take you to the next level. You'll be more accurate, drive more ROI, increase average unit volume, and save time. Plus: Access from anywhere, 24/7, with answers in real time.


No more wondering “why” or “how.” Synergy is transparent to the core, providing a powerful combination of data visualization and interpretability like no other. Its tools quickly explain your custom predictive model’s results, making it easy to understand and take confident action.


With Synergy, you have the power. Our users drive their predictive models, so you can ditch static variables and stop waiting around for a consultant. You can update whenever you want, test an unlimited number of scenarios and enjoy unlimited searches and reports.


Don’t bother with hefty consulting fees. Synergy is SaaS, which means affordable monthly payments. You also have the flexibility to turn data bundles on and off. And, of course, improved site selection accuracy will make your bottom line happy over the long haul.

Time Saver

No more waiting and wondering when you’ll get that all-important report. Speed is key to site selection in a competitive space. With Synergy, sales forecasting happens in seconds, while your custom predictive model is constantly updated — thanks to the rapid-fire response of A.I. and machine learning.


The Synergy Power Gauge gives you unprecedented control and accuracy in site selection. The more data you add — whether your own internal data or that of our data partners — the healthier, more robust, and therefore more accurate the model with be. Our pioneering A.I. and machine learning-driven tools use thousands of data points to make human decisions easier.


Gut feelings are no longer enough when it comes to selecting the right site. Go beyond intuition with Synergy as an unbiased third party, running through a variety of scenarios and crunching lots of data across many variables. The result? No more “dog” units, just locations that boost your bottom line.

What's in your Synergy Toolkit

Everything You Need To Grow And Succeed

You don’t have to be a data scientist to solve complex location intelligence challenges. With Synergy, you get a toolkit filled with advanced yet accessible solutions for any role at your organization. Tools that are powerful yet easy to interpret. Tools that use hundreds of variables yet offer best-in-class data visualization. Tools that help solve your unique needs in your industry, whether you are looking to expand in your existing market or want to grow outside of your market, or even make decisions about optimizing your existing locations. Make Synergy an essential part of your organization’s strategy for site selection success.

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  • Shoukat Dhanani

    The Dhanani Group

    “It’s important that we continue to look for the best tools and technologies on the market, and it’s clear that SiteZeus is the leader when it comes to big data and location intelligence.”

  • Don Fertman

    Chief Development Officer

    “With the addition of the SiteZeus platform, we will be able to better evaluate how individual locations will perform and affect the trade area while providing analytical tools for overall market realignment.”

  • Hugh H. Connerty Jr.

    Metro Diner

    “SiteZeus empowers us to confidently navigate territories with the tools of a data scientist. We’re sifting through more data than humanly possible. They’ve changed the way we think about data.”

  • Aaron Ruben

    VP of Development
    Restaurant & Breweries Group

    “Now we can test our own models and discover new market potential, even investigate variables and how they work together to impact revenue. The bottom line is that SiteZeus mitigates risks and increases profitability for us.”

  • Matt Lane

    SafeSplash Swim School

    “We’ve long used our proprietary SafeSplash PowerScore model to give us an analytics foundation for helping Franchisees select new sites. SiteZeus has helped us take that to the next level with the introduction of AI in our model”

  • Graham Hanson

    Director of Real Estate
    Pita Pit USA

    “That is really a great leap forward in our evolution of utilizing data to make high-quality decisions and more educated decisions in site selection.”

  • Carlos Verela

    Franchise Development Manager
    Pronto Insurance

    “SiteZeus empowers us to make the most out of our data, to extract exactly what we need for big-picture decisions and daily tasks.”

  • Albert Hasse

    VP Franchise Operations
    Magnolia Bakery

    “When Magnolia Bakery engaged SiteZeus, we withheld certain location revenues that SiteZeus was able to project within 2.5% from actual unit volume. That was impressive!”