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SiteZeus’ Solutions Suite empowers brands to thrive in an evolving marketplace. Explore how you can improve site selection, optimize your portfolio, and expand your multi-unit footprint within one data-driven platform.

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SiteZeus Sales Forecasting

Sales forecasting

Understand sales potential

SiteZeus’ in-house platform empowers you to run an unlimited number of precise revenue projections so you can pick better locations and stay ahead of the competition. Learn more

SiteZeus Sales Forecasting

White space analysis

Where can your brand grow?

Run your own white space analysis to explore existing markets or find new ones faster than ever. Decide how many locations you should open — and in which order — to maximize your revenue potential. Learn more

SiteZeus Sales Forecasting

Sales impact

Build a confident market strategy

With on-demand insights and powerful map visualizations, understand how opening a new location will impact sales at nearby existing sites. Maximize your infill growth potential and create proactive fortressing strategies while minimizing cannibalization. Learn more

SiteZeus Sales Forecasting

Customer segmentation

Get to know your customers

Go beyond traditional consumer data types with SiteZeus’ customer segmentation. Use behavioral insights to build targeted marketing campaigns and increase foot traffic at your locations. Learn more

SiteZeus Sales Forecasting

Portfolio optimization

Improve overall portfolio performance

Perform lightning-fast portfolio reviews, test optimization scenarios, and forecast potential gains to maximize revenues across the board. Start leveraging SiteZeus’ portfolio optimization solution today. Learn more

    "SiteZeus allows us to make more informed sales projections. The platform has a built-in confidence meter that backtests itself to provide a degree of accuracy we can rely on as we expand across the nation."

    Alex Regar | Lead Business Intelligence Analyst

    "Site Sonar helps us identify markets with above-average revenue potential that would be more attractive to multi-unit operators. It also helps us 'size' markets for area development agreements."

    Jeremy Biser | Executive Vice President

    "Before adopting SiteZeus, we used pin studies, which required us to schedule on-site intercepts and wait often weeks or even months for a site’s results. Now, getting sales impact studies takes minutes at most; the difference in speed is night and day."

    Jim Avery | Director of Development

    "One of the stores we looked at had a lot of students in the late-night-leisure segment, which prompted us to consider adjusting our hours. Sales at some of our stores increased by more than 10 percent as a result of the new hours."

    Phil Mesi | Business Development Agent

    "SiteZeus is helping us make remodeling decisions, find opportunities to relocate low-potential stores, and determine whether to consolidate underperforming stores into one better location."

    Richard Manley | Director of Site Development and Approvals

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