Customer segmentation

Customer Segmentation Get to know your customers

  • Answer: "Who and where are my customers?"
  • Find the right trade areas
  • Enhance your site selection
  • Optimize marketing efforts
  • Validate sales projections
  • Evaluate underperforming sites
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Customer segmentation - Who where are customers

Use case

Who and where are my customers?

See what consumers are saying and feeling in any trade area. Determine if they are likely to make purchases at your locations.

Customer segmentation - Right trade area

Use case

Find the right trade areas

Focus on markets with the highest concentration of customers that matter to your business.

Customer segmentation - Site selection

Use case

Enhance your site selection

Go beyond traditional consumer data types (demographics, psychographics) with behavioral insights that can strengthen your location decisions.

Customer segmentation - Marketing efforts

Use case

Optimize marketing efforts

Use customer behavioral insights to build targeted marketing campaigns and increase foot traffic at your locations.

Customer segmentation - Under performing sites

Use case

Evaluate underperforming sites

Understand if underperforming sites are positioned in the right markets, with the right customer mix.

Get in on the conversation

Harness billions of social media conversations to understand consumer behaviors

Quickly adapt to consumer trends

Stay ahead of changing consumer needs and expectations

Visualize customer travel patterns

See how customers travel in your trade area with mobile location data

SiteZeus testimonials

One of the stores we looked at had a lot of students in the late-night leisure segment, which prompted us to think about adjusting our hours. The data resulted in 10%+ sales increase since changing store hours.