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White-Space AnalysisUncover growth opportunities in new markets

  • Identify optimal markets.
  • Understand markets' growth potential.
  • Vet acquisition opportunities.
  • Assess competition across markets.
  • Follow synergistic brands.
  • Optimize the distance between sites.
  • Specify your desired revenue threshold.
  • Help franchisees locate prime markets.
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Conduct accurate white-space analyses

Run sales projections in any market to target the best opportunities.

Get results in a matter of minutes

Utilize the power of A.I. to get answers faster than ever.

Eliminate consulting costs

Empower your team to run analyses in-house.

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Site Sonar helps us identify markets with above-average revenue potential that would be more attractive to multi-unit operators. It also helps us make more educated decisions on where to recruit, see how big the market potential is, and learn what to expect from a sales and unit-economics perspective.”

Jeremy Biser | Executive Vice President

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